6 Easy Ideas for Photo Backdrops You Might Already Have Laying Around

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A huge part of selling your jewelry effectively online is great product photography!

If you’re just starting out, the good news is that you don’t have to invest in an expensive camera to take visually stunning photos.

Great natural light, composition, and beautiful but simple backdrops can really help take your product photos to the next level!

Need some easy ideas for backdrop ideas? We’ve provided a few below!

1. Fabric

draped linen fabric backdrop for jewelry

Fabric does a great job of covering a large surface area, giving you lots of room to play with positioning your jewelry for photographs.

Lay fabric out on a flat surface for some flatlay action, or attach some fabric to the wall for an easy vertical backdrop!

Add in wrinkle-free or wrinkle-resistant fabrics, and you have a real winner!

Prefer a romantic feel? Elegantly bunched tulle or satin would look dreamy.

Maybe you like something more modern? Neutral-colored cotton fabric, maybe with a subtle pattern such as herringbone, could look really effective!

Like texture? Light faux fur fabric could be your jam!

Fabric also doesn’t have to come exclusively from bolts at the craft store. We’ve seen great fabrics from cloth napkins, curtains, and even Turkish beach towels!

2. Stretched Canvas

stretched canvas backdrop and angel figurine

These ready-made pieces of canvas stretched on a wood frame are not just for paintings…they are great as quick photo backdrops too!

Simply place a stretched canvas in a well-lit area, position your jewelry, and snap away!

The neutral color and homogenous look of stretched canvas really helps your creations pop!

3. Painted Wood

hand painting wooden board with paintbrush for jewelry backdrop

This is a really neat idea if you love playing with color in your photos.

Take a piece of plywood (preferably sanded to avoid splinters) and paint any color you wish!

Instead of acrylic paint from the craft store, opt for paint samples from your local hardware store, which is more durable and vibrant.

It’s extra fun to go through all the paint chips in the hardware store and pick your favorite! Whether you prefer subtle dusty neutrals, bright and fun colors, or fashionable “Pantone of the Year” colors, there is such a large selection to choose from!

4. Scrapbook Paper

woman cutting scrapbook paper

Scrapbook paper is 1) a great ready-made backdrop option and 2) an awesome way to play with color in your photos.

One added benefit that scrapbook paper has is the range of patterns and finishes it has, in addition to colors!

From damask, to glitter, to stripes, you can really go all-out for a reasonable price!

Even though scrapbook paper is rigid and made of cardstock, make sure to store your paper flat to avoid dents and bends!

5. Pretty Dishes

vintage glass cake dish with black spatula near windowsill

Who doesn’t love a vintage porcelain or glass dish? Not only are they pretty to look at on their own, but they also make stunning backdrops for your jewelry.

One suggestion: Place a dish on a neutral surface, and position your jewelry on the lip of the plate where the detail shows.

Another suggestion: Place a bowl or vase on a neutral surface, and place earrings on the lip of the bowl/vase, so they fall down the side.

6. Greenery

If you’re using a neutral backdrop and feel like your composition needs a little more life, greenery or plants are an effective way to do that!

Take a few flower or greenery stems (maybe from the vase on your kitchen countertop) and place them on your backdrop, in the periphery of the photo, and near your jewelry, while still giving your jewelry room to breathe.

Artificial greenery can work well for this too! The more real-looking, the better!

Don’t be afraid to experiment!

When it comes to photo backdrops, we encourage experimentation and getting creative! We have seen so many cool and imaginative backdrops out there in the clay community, from baskets to doilies and everything in between. We would love to see what you come up with!

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