DIY Polymer Clay Kit - Ghost Buddies

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Want to get your Halloween Spirit on with a fun craft activity for all ages?

Look no further than the TCR DIY Ghost Buddies Ki!

This easy kit comes with instructions and supplies needed to make your own set of ghost buddy figurines.

The ghost buddies vary slightly in size depending on how you make them, but generally range between 1.5" to 3" in height.

This kit includes:
- White polymer clay (20g) for large ghost
- White polymer clay (15g) for medium ghost
- White polymer clay (10g) for small ghost
- Black polymer clay (3g) for eyes
- Wooden roller
- Paper instructions including a QR code to a video tutorial

You’ll also need:
- Non-porous work surface (e.g. ceramic tile)
- Copy paper or parchment paper
- Aluminum foil
- Oven