DIY Polymer Clay Kit - Earrings

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Always wanted to learn how to make those cool Polymer Clay Earrings you see online?

Or maybe you're thinking of a fun girls' night or creative bachelorette party idea!

Look no further than the TCR DIY Polymer Clay Earrings Kit!

This easy kit comes with instructions and all supplies needed to make at least six pairs of unique and colorful earrings!

Number of creations could vary, depending on how large or small you make your earrings.

This kit includes:
- 5 Polymer Clay Colors (Beige, Granite, Coral, Sage, Black)
- Acrylic roller
- 3 Clay Cutters (Arch, Large Circle, Small Circle)
- 1 Blade
- Gold and Silver Hardware (8 hooks, 8 flatpad studs, 16 jump rings per color)
- 2 Long Toothpicks
- 2 Sanding Pads
- 1 Superglue Tube
- 6 Earring Cards
- 16 Soft Earring Stoppers
- Paper instructions including a QR code to a PDF tutorial

You’ll also need:
- Non-porous work surface (e.g. ceramic tile)
- Copy paper or parchment paper
- Oven