NEW FORMULA! Papa's Clay 2.1 oz - PURPLE

NEW FORMULA! Papa's Clay 2.1 oz - PURPLE

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Buy Papa's Clay 2.1 oz (60g) Polymer Clay Here - USA Independent Seller


New to Papa's Clay? Click here for some starter tips and an instructional video!

Papa's Clay is relatively new on the polymer clay market! After testing the clay, here are some of the main features we want to highlight:

  • Finish/texture is most similar to Sculpey Souffle, with some differences
  • Slightly more matte/dense than Souffle, with a fondant or marshmallow-like feel
  • Resists fingerprints better than Souffle
  • White color is slightly more warm than Souffle Igloo
  • Short baking time (10-15min)
  • No odor
  • More clay per block (2.1 oz instead of 2oz Premo and 1.7oz Souffle)

Papa's Clay is imported from Europe and we have the freshest batches available.


Papa's Clay requires heat to become moldable, either by warming it up with your hands, a heat gun, or a hair dryer. DO NOT put this clay straight into the pasta machine before warming it up first! It can shred and take on the appearance of old, dry clay (when it is not)!

Our informational postcard here contains a link to an instructional video on the 2nd page.


10-15 minutes at 250-260°F. It doesn't take long to cure!


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    ⭐ The color displayed on computer monitor may differ slightly from the clay's color in real life.